It's all about you

When I was packing to head to New Hampshire, I saw a Nike commercial that was titled It’s All About You in conjunction with Livestrong. Instead of the staple of Lance Armstrong, the commercial featured snippets of other atheletes who had beat cancer.

One of the interesting stories that I saw in the piece was Jon Lester. Initially, I thought that it was just another simple ad campaign, until I read this story at Fanhouse:

When Jon Lester takes the mound Friday evening in Boston, he’ll not only carry with him his 7-6 record, he’ll also carry a yellow baseball glove to raise awareness for cancer; a disease that knocked Lester down, but not out of baseball three years ago.

Friday will mark Lester’s involvement with Nike and Livestrong to help “raise awareness, fund research and end the stigma about cancer that many survivors face.” Lester will wear his yellow glove for every start at Fenway Park in July.

Pretty cool if you ask me, so without further adieu, here’s the commercial


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