Durex Offends, Mythbusters Ball Breaks & Apple’s Social Media Policy Leak

RealitySo this week was interesting and quick to say the least. Lots of things going on and when I got a chance to pick my head up it was time for the company holiday party. How was your week? Hopefully less hectic and if you are like me, just counting down the days until the holidays. Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy this week’s edition of Five for Friday.

‘Mythbusters’ cannonball hits Dublin home, minivan – if you like watching the explosions on Mythbusters, you probably know that they do them on a bomb range in California. Over the years they have blown up some pretty awesome thing, despite that history, the team had an interesting mishap with a cannonball that is worth the read.

Facebook Flaw Means Anyone Can See Private Photos – have you ever complained about the privacy on Facebook? It is OK, we all have. Well if you want some payback on the network, check out this link for some candid photos of Mark Zuckerberg that were supposed to be kept private on his own network.

What Not To Do On Twitter: Durex Tweets Hugely Offensive Joke, Blames Local PR Agency – so for this week’s edition of social media gone wrong we turn to the South African arm of Durex. This one is worth a read and is a decent case study on insensitivity.

Apple’s internal employee social media policies leaked – this is an interesting look behind the sleek curtain of Apple with a look at their overbearing social media policy.

Twitter Chats, Leadership, and Fantastic Ideologies: A Rant – One of the most repulsive things in the social space is people who think their shit don’t stink and those who think they are better than anyone because of their ideology. While rants are not usually my thing, this one from Dan Perez is spot on and worth a read and is a great reality check.

Image – nualabugeye

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    December 10, 2011 | 3:42 pm

    @danperezfilms you are bombastic. There I said it.