Puppets, Sharks and Erasing Aaron Hernandez

Hey folks! How was your week following the 4th of July? Hopefully it wasn’t a painful transition back into the swing of things. I spent the week with my head down grinding out some planning with a lot of meetings mixed in. Productive but man was pretty overwhelming at times. I also started reading again after a much needed mental break. We also are getting Baby Espo II’s room ready for a paint job. Well without further ramblings, I bid you adieu and look forward to catching up next week. Until then, enjoy this week’s edition of Five for Friday.

An Austrian brewery castle where you can literally swim in beer – since beer is mostly water, I guess this makes sense. One thing I would advise if you head over to this joint is to buy your beer by the liter, not by the mouthful.

Every Viewer Complaint About Big Papi’s Post-Bombing Swear Word – after the Boston Marathon Bombing, Red Sox DH David Ortiz was asked to address the crowd at the first baseball game in Boston. He used a word that rhymes with buck and would make some folks blush to a nationally syndicated audience. The FTC was not mad, but these people will. Worth the read for a few chuckles.

10 greatest movie puppets of all time – who do you have as numero uno?

The Erasure of Aaron Hernandez – a great read from my friend Mike Schaffer on how Aaron Hernandez is slowly being erased before the judiciary hearings on his murder charges.

How does this even make sense?


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