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Cartoon of the day

The creative lab behind Pixar

Have you ever had an article or magazine that you wanted to read, only to have it fall under a stack of papers never to be seen again? I have many times. With my PR job I get countless magazines, and rarely read them, unless it’s to see where an article I placed ran. Well…

Change I can believe in

[youtube=] Some things grow better with time, wine, cheese, scotch, etc. However many have complained that the Simpsons have been sliding down the slippery lame slope. After seeing the new opening, I am jacked to see what the season has to hold. My favorite part was Barney under Willy’s leaf pile. What’s yours?

Cartoon capturing the essence of our culture

I saw this cartoon earlier today on the homepage at GoComics and couldn’t help but see the sad reality that we now live in. I am not talking about the extinction of the rabbit ears, but rather the state of the youth in the country. Instead of playing outside and building a relationship with good…