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Reebok adds WOW factor

In the social media space, we’re too quick to jump on companies because they are too pushy for sales or just don’t care about their customers. These experiences often lead to a slew of negative blog posts and outnumber posts about positive posts tenfold. The reason for this is that we’re all lazy and narcissistic and it is easy…

Face-to-Face and Word of Mouth Marketing

Have you ever had a book that just sat gathering dust that you knew you should probably have read six months ago? Well for me that book was The Face-to-Face Book from Ed Keller and Brad Fay. I received an advance copy in May of last year and for some reason it just sat on my nightstand before gaining a spot on my living room bookshelf

Reading is fundamental

Over the past two years I participated in a challenge that I heard about on my friend Arik Hanson’s blog to read a set number of books. In each of the past two years I met my goal of surpassing 30 books in the calendar year which helped keep my mind’s creative juices flowing. This…

What’s the value of a good story?

Storytelling is one of the oldest traditions in the world. Some of our greatest tales (the Odyssey, the Iliad, the Tortoise and the Hare, Santa Clause) have been handed down from generation to generation. The value of these timeless stories is often in the lessons that they convey. Fast forward to today – storytelling is…

The Funniest Super Bowl ad you never saw #sundayfunnies

Attention Marketers: Respect the Sense Smell

This is a guest post from Jim Joseph.  Smell – it’s one of the five senses, or one of the six senses depending on your perspective.  It’s pretty important to say our lives, suffice it to say.  When it comes to enjoying our food, smell comes in first of the senses … without it our…

Are you too busy to think?

Over the past few months I have been swamped and have had ideas stuck in my head and struggled to get them out. Below’s a video of how I broke out of this to get my ideas and thoughts in order.