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Social Demographics: Twitter vs. Facebook

The Social Media Venn Diagram

A collective look at the social media landscape offers varying use types. They range from an open-sourced virtual cocktail party to folks reliving the glory days and cliques of high school and businesses looking to become more human. The beauty of it is that no matter how you use the medium, there is no “doing…

Helping your fans interact with your brand with Facebook’s new changes

Earlier today, Facebook made some changes to their privacy policy that adds a new layer of security for their users. The one downside is that it negatively impacts the way that brands can interact with their fans. A full writeup on the change can be seen over on Effective Student Marketing. This is something that…

Disney passes 100 Million Facebook Fans

This is a pretty cool thank you that I am sure was months in the making. Very cool video from Disney.

Real Time Engagement with Scott Monty

One of the biggest problems with companies engaging in social media is keeping authenticity while also keeping the company’s interests and reputation intact. There are more networks that I can count on the fingers and toes of you, me and the Octomom and her kids that people are chatting on. These same networks are filled…

The (Very) Unoffical facebook Manual

Privacy is an ever-present concern with facebook and this is a pretty useful guide for keeping kids and executives safe and secure on the leading social network. The (Very) Unofficial Facebook Privacy Manual

Thoughts on the Facebook Time issue

Yesterday I stopped in a convenience store to pick up the Facebook edition of Time. Now from the teases that were given out of the issue, I figured the story was going to be negative as hell. However after reading it, the story was quite positive. No matter how many times Facebook changes their privacy…