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Best Super Bowl Commercial You Never Saw

Like most of you, I love seeing wrap ups of Super Bowl commercials. While Bud Light and Soda Stream are catching all the headlines along with a drunk JC Penney, most of us missed this outstanding commercial that only aired in Georgia from a personal injury lawyer. And we thought seeing the Dinobots was awesome.

Newscastle wins with non-Super Bowl Ad

This is a pretty awesome non-Super Bowl Commercial from Newcastle Brown Ale.

Facebook’s the crack and we’re all greedy junkies

A recent Facebook update changed how brands are able to get content onto users’ news feeds. The new algorithm will only post content that is relevant to the end-user, meaning users get the content they care about, not the content that games the Edgerank by hopping on memes or posting cute babies or puppies (if…

Lord of the Crumbs

Sesame Street does it again. A social media and content marketing win by parodying the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies. Well played folks 🙂

Selfie Shootout

Love it or hate it, 2013 was the year of the selfie. Everyone did one at some point or time in the year, some folks should have shown some restraint, but alas is the selfie. One company to tie into the craze was Turkish Airlines with this great video:

Sesame Street nails it with Hungry Games parody

My love for Sesame Street’s social content marketing is well documented. Working with them would truly be a dream job, but is not something I ever expect to happen. The company’s social team does a great job of connecting their target parental audience with content that meets both their needs and those of their children….

The Importance of Company Personas in Social Media

This is a guest post from Alicia Lawrence.  Company personas – a phrase that holds much controversy and confusion definitely has an impact on your purchasing decisions. A marketing persona is simply an invented version of your business, consumers and products that work as a marketing tool for your overall business. The Three Types of…