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Is this Twitter’s Tipping Point?

There is no question that Twitter is my favorite social network. It is short hits that cut to the chase and there is no room for crap in 140 characters. I won’t say it was love at first sight, but after about 100 Tweets, I was hooked. I must also confess that I am a…

Global Pulse of Social Media in 2011

I have a problem that I need to admit. I read and I mean a lot. I am also a research junkie when it comes to the social space and like checking out reports even if it takes me a few months to clear the foot high stack of them sitting on my work desk….

Why I’m kinda over Yelp: Foursquare and Twitter are my recommendation engines of choice

I used to think Yelp was pretty cool. Kinda like that slightly-older but still-in-high-school boyfriend you had way back when: he knew the best people, the best places to go, but once you graduated, you just knew he wasn’t really your style, so you went your separate ways. Yelp, like that ex of yours, is…

The Anatomy of a Twitter Spammer

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Twitter is a toddler

Earlier today, Twitter turned the ripe old age of five. Now I have been using the network for three years now and it almost seems like yesterday that I jumped on the service. Many people ask me why I do it and to be honest I am addicted to the real-time engagement. Whether it’s manning…

Egypt’s Social Media Revolution by the Numbers

Over the past few weeks, we saw unprecedented news coverage of a revolution in Egypt. Despite a lack in initial traditional media outlets and internet sources due to government intervention, the people were able to be heard via social networks. These networks were not the underlying reason for social change, but rather served as an…