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Sunday Funnies: 12-year old Jacksonville Jaguars fan belts out frustrations [VIDEO]

Well played young lady, well played.

Kobe vs. Messi = video gold

Nicely done commercial showing what is really important…

Air New Zealand Creates Content Gold with Hobbit Safety Video

Nice job of tying pop culture into a piece of content here from Air New Zealand. Now I may just be a Hobbit-loving geek, but it sure as heck beats the typical videos shown in the States.

Dear Jerry Jones…Don’t Rap Again

I know Jerry Jones is a great target for NFL related humor, but this video of him rapping is just sad. On the bright side, he’s getting some good play on social media.

Social Media Saves Valentine’s Day…Kinda

What can a 5-year old tell you about your logo?

You never get a second chance at a first impression. And perception is reality. We all know this but often miss opportunities to capitalize on them as do companies. One of the reasons for this is that at times, we cannot communicate with everyone successfully. For businesses this is where logos come in. A lot of money…

ESPN – Wicked Local

I really love how ESPN gets their commercials hyper local. This one with Dustin Pedroia is especially awesome on two fronts. One he is my hight and is called the laser show and two, Esposito is referenced as the best. A win-win in my book. Thanks to Nick Gosselin for pointing this out — RELAX….