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Dear Jerry Jones…Don’t Rap Again

I know Jerry Jones is a great target for NFL related humor, but this video of him rapping is just sad. On the bright side, he’s getting some good play on social media.

Nike wins gold with Olympic Greatness ad

Everyone knows that the Olympics are filled with top athletes from around the world. Some will attain greatness while others will fail. The real win is seeing people strive for greatness, no matter where it lives.

Only sports can give this kind of happy ending

In sports, there is typically only one winner. Unless you count the BCS, there is always a champion and countless teams who fell just short. Despite that, sports teams will achieve a level of brand affinity that the late Steve Jobs could only dream about. If you disagree, go count the number of shirts, jerseys…

Twitter should be illegal … says Mike Francesa

This post contains video, click here if you are having trouble viewing. Earlier this week WFAN’s Mike Francesa had an awesome rant on Twitter. Some of the top sound bites include Twitter should be illegal, one of these days someone will monetize it and Twitter cuts the middle man out of sports journalism.

Samsung creates Olympic Genome

This post contains video; click here if you are having trouble viewing. Anyone who reads this blog with any kind of regularity knows that there are two things that I am very passionate about – sports and social media. So needless to say, when I see an initiative that mixes the two, I get geeked…

Social Media’s NFL Week 1 Picks

I am not sure about you, but today feels a lot like Christmas morning to me. Instead of a whole bunch of presents that say that they are from Santa, the NFL has given us a juicy season opener between the New Orleans Saints and the defending Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers. Like many…

Can you pick NFL games better than Social Buzz can?

In exactly one week from today, the most exciting season on TV starts up. No I am not talking Real Housewives or Big Bootied Weddings, but the hard hits of the National Football League. Now as with any season, there will be folks making their weekly predictions based on everything from their gut to uniform…