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Best Super Bowl Commercials

On a game where the commercials were really were nothing to write home about, Doritos stole the show with these two commercials. What ones were your favorite?

Five for Friday 1.29

Glad this odd week has come to a close. Very uneventful and a times days seemed as if they were standing still. The only thing I really have to say is that the SM contest that I am running at Vistaprint will be ending next week and someone will be taking home a MacBook Pro,…

Cartoon of the day

Today’s cartoon of the day comes from @gariphic via @kottavio and this Tweet.

How 'bout them Ravens?

Here’s a video (click here if you can’t see it) from the fleeting moments of the Ravens’ 33-14 victory over the New England Patriots. Kind of eerie to see the stadium that empty before the two-minute warning.

Guest post action

In case you missed it, yesterday I penned a piece for PR Breakfast Club entitled why PR Should Run Your Company’s Social Media Efforts. Here is a little snippet: Why PR Should Run Your Company’s SM Efforts Content is King ­– While this header is cliché, it is also something that flacks, by nature, do…

Cartoon of the day

Five for Friday 10.30

I love short weeks, especially ones where there is a hockey game leading into the Friday off-day. Only problem with this short week is that a major real-world event is now less than a month away. While this post is being auto-posted and Tweeted, I will be sitting in the bowels of the building dubbed…