Suggested Reading

Hopefully you didn’t click this link thinking it was going to be a list of books that I like. Instead, you get a nice list of blogs to peep out or add to your reader.

Slow Reader

I also find offering some insight more personable than a list of links.

Blogs I Contribute to

PR Breakfast Club – I’ve been friends with these guys for a while and was more than happy to join the motley crew when asked. Check out this site for some great PR and Social Media insight.

Vistaprint Micro Business Blog – I would be remiss to exclude this blog from the list of blogs. Yes, Vistaprint is my employer, but this blog is also chock-full of great content and resources for micro business owners.

Blogs I like

The Buzz by Mike Schaffer – Mike is my brother from another mother, and his blog offers truly entertaining and insightful information into the PR 2.0 world.

Danny Brown – When it comes to accessible people in the social space, there may be none finer than Mr. Brown. Danny’s blog is a great daily read and always insightful.

Conversation Communications – I love Arik’s style of blogging and his ability to constantly crank out insightful and useful information day in and day out for the PR space.

Social Media Explorer – Hands down one of the best speakers I have seen is Jason Falls. After checking out his blog following the Inbound Marketing Summit in Boston 2009, his blog has been by far one of my most clicked bookmarks.

A New Marketing Commentator – This blog has been around for a while and is penned by my mentor Bob Cargill. He offers unique perspectives on marketing from a copywriter’s point of view.

PR 2.0 – Brian Solis is the OG when it comes to the new wave of PR. Definitely check out his posts on what’s going on in oue ever-evolving industry.

Gaping Void – I love cartoons as much as anyone, hell I even post a cartoon each morning. Hugh does the same thing but he draws his along with a post each day.

Conversation Agent – Looking for a though-provoking kick in the pants every day? If so, check out this blog.

PR at Sunrise – What do you get when you mix a hack with a flack? Well with about a decade of experience under his belt Worob  brings perspective from both sides of the aisle for insights into the Public of Relations.