That’s a big whoopsie

Mistake (as defined by – 1. An error in action, calculation, opinion, or judgment caused by poor reasoning, carelessness, insufficient knowledge, etc. 2.     a misunderstanding or


misconception.  -verb (used with object) 3. to regard or identify wrongly as something or someone else: I mistook him for the mayor. 4. to understand, interpret, or evaluate wrongly; misunderstand; misinterpret. -verb (used without object)5. to be in error. -Idiom 6. and no mistake, for certain; surely: He’s an honorable person, and no mistake.

Everyone makes them – whether it’s a typo on an email, rolling

through a stop sign or simply acting before thinking about the consequences for a particular action. More often than not, we can easily laugh them off or take the flack that we get from our bosses or family.

Then there are times where the mistake gets you in trouble. A DUI, shoplifting or sneaking a cigarette on an airplane come to mind.

There are also mistakes that ruin the lives of many people. In this category, you’d usually think of guys like O.J. causing this kind of strife – not a college administrator.

Well that was until today with at the UC San Diego:

NBC San Diego – Earlier this month, about 17,000 students were offered admission for the fall, leaving nearly 29,000 hopefuls out in the cold.

But on Tuesday, the school’s communications office said an e-mail was sent Monday afternoon to all 46,377 students who applied for admission — including the 29,000 rejects — welcoming them to the campus.

A half-hour later, school officials said, they realized their mistake. Almost two hours after the first note went out, a second e-mail was sent, apologizing to 28,889 freshmen applicants for the mistake.

While on parent called this colossal mistake, I think that is a gross understatement. How can you explain to a student who had their heart set on UCSD and received an email saying that they were accepted we’re sorry you weren’t supposed to get that email? All because someone in charge of the email list didn’t double check before clicking the send button.

Unfortunately these students will have to grin and bear it; it might make it more bearable if the email administrator was handed a pink slip and a ticket to the Unemployment Olympics.

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