The slow death of traditional media continues

First it was the Internet, a fad that traditional news media would tolerate. This was the beginning of the end as it berthed blogs and last I checked some papers still don’t want to admit that blogs and other forms of online media have made the morning paper as outdated as a VCR.

Aside from killing the traditional newspaper Industry, the Internet, along with cable television, created a 24-hour news cycle that began to challenge evening news. However the assault on mainstream media had always been lacking something- live video to go along with news that could go along with the pulpit that anyone with a computer was given with the Net.

Well that all looks like it changed when Google announced Reporter’s Center on YouTube. Not only does the site promote the ability to help shape and create news, it also gives pointers from reporters and credible news sources. For Google it is a genius move as any video that’s uploaded onto their site has the chance to go viral if it hits one news source. Imagine if Twitter had this during the height of the Iranian protests. Google obviously saw this and is looking for a grainy cell-phone video to become the next big thing and add popularity and capital into their video money pit.

Here’s a how-to video on starting a citizen journalism organization, which just furthers the assault on news as we know it.



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