Five for Friday ~ 10.02.09

This week really flew by and seemed like only yesterday that I was dreading the morning commute. Well a lot has

Image Icnahascheezburger

Image Icnahascheezburger

happened in five days, from teams around MLB clinching playoff spots to an Olympic bid push to a noted rapist getting caught to only have Hollywood petition for charges to be dropped. Oh and did I mention that it is snowing in some areas of New England – damn you winter. There were also some great articles that crossed across my screen, here are my five favorites of the week.

Twitter Crack – Are you addicted? I am to social media in general, but this piece offers a great insight into those thinking that Twitter is the end-all, be-all of social media. It also helps shed light onto those selling themselves as “experts” who will set up a Twitter account for your company without offering much more.

100 People Worth Following on Twitter – The name of this piece says it all. If you are interested in PR, this is a list that you can follow with the simple click of the mouse. While you are at it, follow @jeffespo if you haven’t done so already.

Jane Hotel in the Village Draws P.R. Offensive – This nugget in the Times makes me wonder what some people outside the industry may think of PR folks. Seriously in this economy, people need to get over themselves. Small businesses and bars are good for bringing money back into your area. Too bad these uppity New Yorkers didn’t get the memo. Seriously who hires a PR firm to get a bar closed down?

Fear and Loathing in Social Media – Scott Monty is one of the better reads in the SM space, whether it is on his work with Ford or on his personal blog. In this article he goes over one of the biggest concerns with companies and social media — Giving up control of your brand. Well like it or not, your brand is controlled by the people, companies can’t ignore the social media revolution like they did with blogs a few years back.

Revealing the People Defining Social Media – Marketing folks love numbers, deep down us flacks love them too. This article helped me show how popular these sites are in sheer numbers to a member of my marketing team looking for more numbers on the social sites.

Well there you have it, my five favorite articles of the week. Have  a great weekend and wish me a safe passage home from my trip to New Jersey for my bachelor party.

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