Five for Friday 10.16

Image Flickr -  Waffle Whiffer

Image Flickr - Waffle Whiffer

So this week was typically normal, interesting stories, a loud talk show host not being able to join the exclusive NFL owners club. Oh and there was also snow this morning. Yes I said snow on October 16. This is going to be a long winter and I still say where is global warming when you need it. Today also started with one of those kind acts of kindness from a stranger, which is always a positive. As I pulled into the gas station, dreading pumping gas, a worker at the Fresh Pond Shell station came running out opened my car door for me and said he’d pump for me. While it caught me off guard, hell I was more than happy to stay in the car listening to some tunes while talking to the guy about the weird weather conditions. So kudos to them – and with that I am done, nothing else for you – here is this week’s five for Friday.

White House’s Anita Dunn on CNN: We Will Push Back – You know, the old saying went sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me. Unfortunately, I don’t think the President or his camp received that memo. In this latest volley against Fox News, the White House only comes off looking like a child calling the station the mouth piece of the GOP. The same could be said of other stations for the Dems, but they play nice so let’s not go there. It’s really a shame since the President has said he believes in the constitution why go after a news outlet; ever hear of the 1st amendment?

Who benefits from YOUR Social Media Time? – This interesting nugget came via @DannyBrown on Monday afternoon – so much for a slow day in terms of blogs and stories. The article over on the Ideas Blog takes a look at the folks who ignore their personal blogs and spend more time building up content and interactions on social networking sites. Kind of wonder what would happen to that equity if Twitter were to disappear overnight.

End the Social Media Hype – Out of all of the sessions and presentations at the Inbound Marketing Summit in Foxboro, this was perhaps the most interesting. I couldn’t find where to embed the video from, but found Mike’s post and wanted to share. It is a little long but worth the watch – come on its Friday, don’t act like you are uber-busy.

How Social Media is changing the PR organizational structure – This piece starts out as a rant on bad pitches received over HARO, but after that is over with offers some good insight into the way that SM is changing PR overall.

Attention companies: your next big idea will come from us – This article comes from Brian Solis, who as he would tell you Is pretty Fucking Awesome. While I can neither confirm, nor deny the claim, this article puts into light the need for companies to listen to their customers. What they like should be what you are doing and if you hadn’t already known, own your brand. It’s a quick read with some good points.

#FollowFriday – In case you were wondering this week’s follow Friday was sponsored by the letter “T”

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