Five for Friday 10.30


I love short weeks, especially ones where there is a hockey game leading into the Friday off-day. Only problem with this short week is that a major real-world event is now less than a month away. While this post is being auto-posted and Tweeted, I will be sitting in the bowels of the building dubbed the ugliest in the world – Boston’s Government Center filing an application for my marriage license. Hopefully the process is not as bad as the one to get a drivers’ license. Hopefully your day is as fun filled and you can find enjoyment in this week’s Five for Friday.

Nine social media Halloween costume ideas – Let’s face it Halloween is tomorrow and chances are you have a costume laid out for your night of tricks and treats. However, if you are slow to the punch or just a procrastinator, here are some great costume ideas that came way via @jessisjuicy.

The most important blog post you’ll ever read – The title sums it up. While we’d all love to hold the title of owning said post, it doesn’t reflect the post but rather the way of thinking. Thanks to the guys over at New Marketing Labs for passing this along.

Seven patty Whopper challenge – I am all for buzz-based marketing – but something that can kill you for just eating – no thanks. I love burgers as much as the next man, but seven patties is a whole lot of meat. This will go down as a Burger King and Microsoft fail.

Twitter cluelessness – Great post over on the Open Network from Guy Kawasaki. While the post is geared towards the small business owner, it can also be applied to many folks just jumping on board the Twitterwagon. Note to those on the high horse – you aren’t a guru, expert or swami – get over yourself.

Two more reasons companies need to pay attention to social media – A lot is being written and discussed on disclosure and the importance of social media. This post points out two great notions and is worth giving a read.

This week’s #followfriday is sponsored by the letter B

Here’s a Trick or Treat video to take you into the weekend.

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