Digg v4

Now I will not claim that I am a fan of Digg whatsoever. The site’s layout is flawed and power users dominate and dictate what is on the font page of the site. Even with its Facebook connect option, it is still a pain to log into and I’ve found it glitchy.

Finding news that I want to see is often hard. While I love trending news, Twitter and Facebook get it to me faster. The news there is relevant because folks I respect and trust share it. Looking at Digg’s front page now, how many of the top three stories would you want to read?

  1. 20 Realistic And Lifelike Portraits That Will Blow You Away
  2. Why Isn’t BP Under Criminal Investigation?
  3. Awesome Automotive Acronyms

Of the three, the BP story seemed interesting, but since it is from a special interest group, it is more blow-hard than breaking news.

Kevin Rose promises that the new platform will be more relevant news from your friends and will offer direct Digging from your RSS feed. The move kind of baffles me a bit because I am wondering if they are going hard after Twitter and Facebook or if it is more a push at taking on Technorati head on. My guess is that the move is to make them an end all be all for blog searches taking on Technorati.

The real question is will you log in? I may check it out, but won’t hold my breath.

Even with the new individual pages, Digg v4 will still be gamed and the front page littered with garbage, making the site as a whole not 100 percent relevant. It will be another online asset that sits in the corner collecting dust with Friendfeed and Buzz.

Do you use Digg regularly? Are you excited about version 4?

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