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This week was slow as molasses and cold to boot. The good part is that it is Friday and the weekend is here. If you are in the Boston area and want to come and grab beers with me, check out this link. It is early but Mrs. Espo wants to give me a proper 30th birthday party (albeit a month early) due to Baby Espo coming into the world in April. I am not sure yet, but I will probably take a hiatus from this Friday column next week while I am at SXSW, but have not decided yet.

How was your week? Hope to catch up with you on the interwebs next week, enjoy this week’s edition of Five for Friday. If you are headed to Austin shoot  me a message so we can have an IRL meeting and possibly an interview for this blog.

Facebook, Twitter play role in college admissions – We’ve all heard about jobs firing folks because of things happening on the social Web, but would you believe that it is filtering into the admissions process?

Is there a void of advanced social media content on the conference scene? – I love this post from Arik Hanson. It is what I’ve been thinking for a while with conferences seeing the same tracts. There is substance, but lacking beef as there isn’t anything that dives into an advanced segment, almost making the material remedial at times. But how do we change this? Check the comments for some great feedback.

Building relationships with influencers is anything but lazy – I like this post from my friend Rebecca Dennison because it looks at something that many folks struggle with – Influencers. Some good insights here into why we should look at who the influencers in OUR industries are, not the so-called influencer.

New Research: Search Marketing Vs. Social Media or Search + Social Media? – I have always stood by the fact that social media will not be a silver bullet that replaces traditional marketing, but rather support the entire business.  This new study from groupm is worth printing out and taking a look at. It shows that combining social media and search for product information has a 48 percent conversion rate in purchase for consumers.

Three Mets Decades, Only Two Days Off – Sports PR is a grueling job, I worked in it for some time, but know that it is for the most part unrewarding. So it is always nice to see a positive story come out on a lifelong flack for a major sports team. This one is a great write up on NY Mets PR man Jay Horwitz and is a must-read for any sports fan, PR folk, or someone interested in getting into working in sports.


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