Enchantment, a video review

About a month ago, the folks that are doing the marketing for Guy Kawasaki’s new book Enchantment sent me a copy to take a look and see what I thought. At first, I was not sure what to think of it, mainly because it seemed very thin to build up a case for building an enchanting business model. But after reading through, I could see that Kawasaki pulled out some reserve magic dust from his days at Apple. Much like an iPad, this book may be slim, but packs a helluva punch.

My biggest take away from the book was a lesson on dealing with people who you may not respect or like. I am often told that folks who fall under this bucket, often can tell my true feelings, so I am going to try to enchant them, while still secretly loathing them. Will re port back if it works. Below’s my full report on the book:

I would say that if you are looking for a quick inspiring read, check out the book. You won’t be disappointed.

3 Responses to Enchantment, a video review
  1. MiniTerp
    March 7, 2011 | 8:32 am

    I need to learn that lesson, should have read it while I was up there!

  2. jeffespo
    March 7, 2011 | 9:48 am

    @MiniTerp Yes, yes you should have. I can pass along after Kathy finishes it up.

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