Five for Friday

Now this was one short week back after landing in town from SXSW. It was an awesome trip, not only for the learning, but also from the awesome connections that I made. So instead of going the usual route of passing along some great reads, I wanted to pass along links to the folks who made my week’s sites, please consider following them and their blogs:

  1. Justin GoldsboroughJustin Case You Were Wondering
  2. Mike SchafferThe Buzz by Mike Schaffer
  3. Teresa CantwellFinding your Feet
  4. Samantha OgbornKoolIWanna
  5. Jackie LampugnanoGen Wise Perspective
  6. Eric BertoGeek Giant
  7. Chuck HemannAnalytics is King

And before you say it, yes there are seven folks here. But kiss my ass – I can’t count and get to peeping out these folks.

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