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This week seemed to fly by for me. One minute I was heading into Logan Airport getting an extra special pat down fromTSA Good Touch Gloves the TSA and then enjoying complimentary drinks on Southwest, who was celebrating their acquisition of AirTran being official – thank you for that by the way. Afterwards a panel and coffee with my pal Rebecca Denison preceeded another fun romp in Midway airport complete with being told hey buddy lose the sling if you can, I don’t want to grab your junk (by the TSA man wearing “Good Touch” gloves) from there it was a blur with me waking up with my son at five wondering where the hell the week went. How was yours? Hopefully a little less crazy and more awesome. Any big plans for the weekend? Remember it is Mother’s Day so get a present for mum if you haven’t already and enjoy this week’s edition of Five for Friday.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo launches new phone app with some animal magnetism – There are not many times that you will hear me say that Cleveland rocks, but today it is well deserved. How many times have you been to a zoo and were left looking for the animal in the exhibit? If you are like me too many – don’t judge me, zoos and aquariums relax me. The folks at the zoo in Cleveland have created an app that points you to where in the exhibit the animals are. Only downside is that the app is only available on a device that is synonymous with something animals would chow down on and they have ignored the Android market. Hopefully that changes.

Authenticity, Transparency, & Hypocrisy: An Observation – One of the things that bugs me about many social media circles, pundits, blogs and conferences is that everyone is attracted to the shiny object. This can be a network, app, phone, rising star or catch phrase. Once it has hit the lexicon it becomes gospel. In this post from Dan Perez, the notion is brought front and center and well called bullshit on. If you only read one post in this list, peep out the Miami-based filmmaker’s blog.

How to Conduct a Comprehensive Social Media Audit – I met Nikki Stephan at SXSW this year for a drink after months of chatting online. I knew then that she was a smart cookie and really like this guest post on Arik Hanson’s blog that talks about social media audits. Let’s face it, the social media space changes quicker than my baby’s diapers and we’re always on the move to the bigger and better pasture and can make mistakes or forget things. If you are managing an account or strategy for a company across many platforms, you should look at doing an audit every now and then.

The Importance of LinkedIn Recommendations – No matter how hard I try, I can’t for the life of me keep up on top of. While my account is up to date, I am far from a model citizen on the platform and will keep trying to get better at it. If you are like me and negligent on your LinkedIn account you should check out this post from Bob Cargill on the recommendations feature.

No One “Consumes” Social Media – This post from Geoff Livingston touches on the common misnomer that is put out there among market research groups – media consumption. Last I checked I read and communicate in excess on many social sites, but have never eaten one as that would just be gross and unhealthy. What say you?

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2 Responses to Five for Friday
  1. Nikki_Stephan
    May 9, 2011 | 11:22 am

    Thanks for including my post, Jeff! 🙂

  2. jeffespo
    May 9, 2011 | 11:26 am

    @Nikki_Stephan Glad to Nikki. It was a great read

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