Hey kids Santa’s a Hoax, Teeny Bopper Fights the Man & Cowgirl Down

This week’sFive for Friday comes with a tinge of sadness mixed with happy news. Today the PR & Social Media team at Vistaprint is losing a great teammate in Nick Gosselin. My buddy is leaving our team after nearly three years to head up the social media and community efforts for the Boston Beer Company, yes they make delicious beer. So while I can say I will miss Nick in the office, I am happy for him and the new challenges that face him as he follows his passion. So please join me in wishing Nick the best of luck, and to the crew over at Samuel Adams, you are getting one hell of a great guy so treat him right. How was your week? Aside from the news above, mine was stuck diving into and figuring out the new Facebook page insights. So have a great weekend and we’ll catch up next week.

How Dallas Cowboys lose at Social Media. While Not Playing. – During last weekend’s Cowboys game, tight end Jason Witten ran into a cheerleader after catching a pass. Following the game, the cheerleader made a few lighthearted Tweets about the incident. No biggie right? Wrong. Her account was shut down until after a media inquiry to the Cowboys as to why the account was shut down… one of these days companies will get it.

New York Teacher Tells Students Santa Claus Isn’t Real – How old where you when you found out that Santa Claus was a figment of your imagination? I can’t remember but figure I will let Baby Espo wait a bit until we break it to him that the fat dude is really mommy & daddy. Imagine the parents surprise when their kids’ second grade teacher broke the news that Saint Nick was not real. On one hand it is hilarious but on the other kind of awful.

Teen tweeter 1, Kansas governor 0 – This is a classic case of overreacting on a social media post. In this instance a teenager tweeted to her friends that she told the governor how much he blew to his face at a school assembly. While she didn’t really say it, a staffer passed the tweet to her school and she was asked for a retraction. As you can see in the scoreboard above, she won the argument and the state’s top office ended up with egg on their faces.

From Junk to Spam to Waste – Content is king, or so we’re told. If you think about it for a second or three, how many corporate blogs do you read? Also how many corporate social media accounts do you engage with? Now subtract that number from the total tally of social media accounts out there. What are you left with?

Social Business 2012 Presentation – This is a really smart presentation on social business from my friend Chris Carfi.

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