Grenade at egg hunt, Google doesn’t get plus Fenway

Man I love the spring. Baseball, longer days and life returning to the foliage, what’s not to love? Well maybe if you are a communist you might hate these things, but then again do I need to call McCarthy? How was your week? Mine was good with birthday celebrations for my son and I. Hopefully you have a great weekend and look forward to catching up next week. So enjoy this week’s edition of Five for Friday.

A digital Fenway Park – today is opening day at Boston’s historic Fenway Park. So needless to say, an article about the behind-the-scenes modern digital technology that makes the experience just fit this week’s edition. Now if the Sox could get it together.

Google Doesn’t Understand Its Own Social Network – I wish I could feel bad for Google and how they are misplaying G+, I really do. But, when Larry Page writes a letter to shareholders and has a non-active page, it makes you wonder who is eating their own dog food or just swilling the Kool Aid.

Boy Finds Grenade During Easter Egg Hunt In Britain – file this under scary shit for parents. Seriously how can a WWII grenade still just be lying around?

Groupon PR: Whoops! It Happens – I am pretty sure there is no flack in their right mind that would go and work for Groupon now… this post from my pal Keith Trivitt only goes to show how clueless the company is on public perception.

Stop Trying to Take the Easy Way Out – this is a great post from Steve Radick on conferences just spewing out the same old stuff and attendees eating it up. Now only thing he forgot in the article was the video below…If you only read one article in this post, this is the one.

2 Responses to Grenade at egg hunt, Google doesn’t get plus Fenway
  1. sradick
    April 16, 2012 | 12:30 pm

    Speaking as someone who has referenced White Men Can’t Jump, the Bachelor, Clueless, and Rudy in his presentations, I can appreciate the criticism that I should have 100%, absolutely, without a doubt, realized the perfect fit for a Rocky soundtrack reference in this post, and for that, I heartily apologize.

  2. jeffespo
    April 17, 2012 | 10:15 am

     @sradick Damn right! And I can forgive you 🙂

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