NFL fires up hype machine with movie trailers

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Public relations professionals are constantly tasked with building up buzz for products, brands or particular advertising campaigns.

Much of this hype building is focused on being short-lived and based on specific dates. While this is good for the specific product launch or event, it often leaves me with a sense of wanting more from the company.

So when I see a company leveraging PR as part of a longer-termed strategy, I get excited. The most recent example of this is the National Football League. Sure the 2011 season was exciting, but the league is looking to make its fans forget about the nasty lockup that dominated the headlines of last offseason with hit after hit.

About a month ago, they gained a lot of exposure with the launch of their new uniform contract with Nike. To follow up on that performance and its social components, last week the NFL rolled out a series of movie trailers to hype up some prime time matchups coming this fall.

While the league calendar year starts with the Draft on Thursday night, these movie trailers do a pretty good job making fans forget about the other major sports leagues currently in play. Take a look at the video above and tell me that you aren’t ready for some football.

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