Facebook’s problem, Comcast charging more $ & QR Guinness

Hopefully this week’s edition of Five for Friday makes it through your clutter in all of this social space on the day of Facebook’s soon-to-be historic IPO. I wish nothing but the best to friends Megan and Xenia over
there, enjoy the day ladies. While many folks will be reading story after story about the book, I will be taking measurements of the soon-to-be casa la Espo that we move into next week. So yes that means I will not be glued to a computer screen and will peep out recaps later in the day. So enjoy and have a great weekend.

Brand Takes a Tweeting – this is a very good read focusing on the ever-present Shakespearean question To Tweet or Not to Tweet… something that all of us have pondered either on a personal or professional level.

Danger: Community/Social Strategist Shortage Ahead – I love when Jim Storer cranks out a thought provoking post. In this article on the Community Roundtable, Jim looks at the social landscape via conversations that he had with community managers feeling a burn, while also looking at the budding community management space. All of this lends the question: Will there be viable bodies to fill all these upcoming openings?

Guinness QR Cup Reveals Scannable Code When Full – Now I am not going to lie, I am not a giant fan of QR codes. This is due mostly to the sub-par experience that I have had with them overall. However my opinion may change if I ever get to sample a Guinness in one of these cups… hell it might even make it into my glassware collection (just don’t tell my wife).

Facebook’s biggest problem is that it’s a media company – I would be negligent in my role as content curator if I excluded an article about Facebook in my roundup on the day of their IPO.  This article from Gigaom takes a look at the ad platform and some of the issues companies have had with it.

Comcast will start charging data hogs extra – do you use the Internet? Do you use it more than the average human? If you do, and you have Comcast as your Internet provider, you may want to read this.

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  1. jimstorer
    May 18, 2012 | 8:19 am

    Thanks for the mention Jeff. It’s going to be an interesting year! 🙂