Friends with benefits, conquering fear and non-sexy products

Get your mind out of the gutter… this isn’t that kind of post. Now that I have to apologize for deviating from the main messaging of this blog to ask you to consider peeping out some panels for SXSW 2013 that me and some of my coworkers at Vistaprint are on. Read on if you are interested, or click here for a post that might be more to your liking.

Thanks in advance for your consideration, your regularly scheduled programming will resume on Friday with this week’s installment of Five for Friday.

Panels I’ve been pitched to be a part of:

Bite the Bullet: Conquer the Fear of Your Customer – this panel will discuss reasons for companies to get over the fear of SXSW  2013 Logowhat customers MIGHT say on social media. If selected, this panel will feature Teresa Cantwell, Dave Shaw and me. It is perfect for brand or community managers looking for ways to help build up a strong community that will share your brand’s message.

Having a kick ass community without a sexy product – this proposed panel will feature Mike Schaffer, Ms. Cantwell and Jeremy Hicks. Schaffer has dubbed it as bringing sexy back, but I like to look at it as a way to look at communities and passionate fans and how they can occur for many companies whose work never gets virtual ink on the pages of Mashable. It is perfect for community managers or folks who think that they can’t have an active and passionate community for their company.

Vistaprint submissions:

Friends with Benefits – Vistaprint’s VP of Marketing Communications, Bridget O’Brien has submitted a session where she will go through the benefits of a national television campaign featuring real-life customers Anthony Flynn and Tess Scanlon-Phillips to the company and these small businesses.

Not Your Father’s Direct Response – Lynne O’Connor, a senior Brand Director at Vistaprint will talk about shifts in direct response marketing and how it has not really changed much since the days of the Mad Men on Madison Avenue.

Small business: one size does not fit all – Jason Keith, senior manager of PR and Social Media at Vistaprint as well as a small business blogger for the Boston Globe, has a proposed session where everyone’s favorite buzzword – small business – is broken down. While it might seem simple to define, it really is not and applies to a wide variety of businesses.

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