Reviewing Fierce Loyalty

A while back I saw an update or email from the Community Roundtable mentioning an open Q&A with Sarah Robinson on her now book Fierce Loyalty. While the topic sounded interesting, I could not make the chat (damn conflicts) and picked up a copy of the book.

When it arrived, I was kind of shocked at the thin stature of the book, but packed it in my bag for a flight to Vegas last week. After ripping through it in about 45 minutes, I was very happy to admit that I had prematurely judged the book by its cover and density.

Robinson cuts straight through the crap and delivers community managers with a useful guidebook for them to follow. Below is my full review:

Read this book if…

  • You are a community manager
  • You do social media in some capacity
  • You are an executive pondering the value of social communities


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