Social Media Predicts NFL Conference Champs

Thirty-two teams entered the NFL season with visions of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. This weekend, only four remain. Two teams will come out of Championship Weekend with the right to represent their conference in the Super Bowl. In the AFC, we’ve got the Ravens at the Patriots; while the NFC boasts the 49ers visiting Atlanta in the Georgia Dome. Two pretty solid games if you ask me – both equally as tough to pick.

Instead of going with my gut and calling the winners as I would like to as a fan, I am going with the picks from social media as we have for the entire 2012 season. For those of you that are new here, we use Lithium Social Media Monitoring to dump social data on the teams over a two week period and dump it into a slew of formulas (more here) and like magic out pop the winners. During the regular season, we wound up with a record of 137-111-1 mark, but have not done as well in the playoffs (3-5).  Below are this weekend’s winners:

What do you think of the picks and who do you have in the Super Bowl?

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