Irish legal drinking and driving, disposable media & free covers

Straw SnowFor some of you it was a short week, but for others (like me) it was a full tilt. Over the course of the week we heard about fake girlfriends, lip syncing  some fashion (no clue just heard my coworkers critiquing stuff) and an inauguration. How did you spend the week, hopefully a lot warmer than us in the Northeast (who have temps hanging out in the single digits), have a great weekend and look forward to catching up next week – until then, peep out this week’s edition of Five for Friday.

Are disposable media platforms like Snapchat and Poke the future of social media? – an interesting look at non-permanent modes of social media. Could be an interesting read if you are looking for quick hits that have a limited shelf-life or want to run a singular use social media campaign.

13 Facebook cover photos free to download, no watermarks – Do you have a crappy Facebook cover photo? If so, you might want to check out this article for some cool and free ones you can snag today.

Autodesk’s Brilliant Consumer Strategy – I like this look behind the scenes at Autodesk and how they pull consumers into their development of products.

Coffee Table Doubles As Mega-Sized Nintendo Game Controller – children of the 80’s rejoice… your coffee table can now get you playing Contra like a boss.

Irish council approves motion to allow rural drink-driving – this story is left without comment… you should just read.

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