Face-to-Face and Word of Mouth Marketing

Have you ever had a book that just sat gathering dust that you knew you should probably have read six months ago? Well for me that book was The Face-to-Face Book from Ed Keller and Brad Fay. I received an advance copy in May of last year and for some reason it just sat on my nightstand before gaining a spot on my living room bookshelf.

Since the book’s name was so close to everyone’s favorite privacy-challenged social network, I decided to pass on it month after month. That was until I decided I needed to read SOMETHING and it was the first book that caught my eye – and I am glad I did.

The book itself is far from a dissertation on social networking and focuses on word of mouth marketing. Sure social media is mentioned, but the authors do a great job of dismissing the notion that social media is bigger than word of mouth because it is digital. Below is my full video review.

You should read this book if you:

  • work in social media
  • are a marketer
  • work in branding
  • talk about a brand
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