Five takeaways from 2013 State of Community Management Report

Professional experience of community managersWhen I started my career in social media and community management, I was a bit intimidated and nervous. Things were changing quickly and I was trying to absorb everything I could read and learn from really smart folks. One of my former bosses suggested that I check out the Community Roundtable – that was 2008 – and I was happy to check out the information that Jim Storer and Rachel Happe were producing. Little did I know that less than two years later I would sign up for the Community Roundtable and now consider both of them good friends.

So when I received a message in the CR Network to be a member of the advisory committee for the 2013 State of Community Management report, I was happy to help out. After all it was the earlier reports that helped steer my visions so I figured it would be a great experience. I was happy to chat with some really smart folks and peep out some really cool data on community management.

If you are in social or community management, I suggest that you pick up the report as it is full of useful nuggets. Five key takeaways for me were:

  • Community Managers are more experiences than portrayed and have an average salary of $65,778
  • The myth of the 90-9-1 rule is demystified
  • ~40% of organizations in the survey can measure the value of community managers
  • Community teams are pretty small, broken down by company size (small 1.7; medium 2.2; large 3.9)
  • ~50% organizations surveyed have a community playbook


One Response to Five takeaways from 2013 State of Community Management Report
  1. John_Trader1
    June 20, 2013 | 9:05 am

    Appreciate the recap Jeff, thanks.