Rooster Sauce, Big Baseball Cards and Meme in the Making

Did you ever have one of those weeks where you had so much to do, but so little time? That has been my week so far and I only have a few short hours left in the office to clear my “to do” list before having the next two weeks off for some quality time with my lil buddy Megatron- hopefully I can get to all of it and not have to work on the off-days. How has your week been? Any good weekend plans? Hope you have a good one and look forward to catching up with you in a week or so, until then, enjoy this week’s edition of Five for Friday.

Topps produces full-size posters of baseball cards – this is just awesome… I can see me buying a big Keith Hernandez because anyone who collected baseball cards in one of the Five Boroughs in the 80’s knew one Keith Hernandez was worth six Gregg Jeffries cards.

Amazon founder says he clicked on Washington Post by mistake – now this is a funny parody of Jeff Bezos’ purchase of the WashPo, imagine if it were true.

This Guy Stole A Woman’s iPhone But Didn’t Disable Dropbox — So She Turned His Terrible Photos Into A Tumblr – this may be the best use of the word Karma of all time… Dude steals smartphone, gets his ass turned into a Tumblr.

50 Healthy Recipes Using Sriracha Hot Sauce – Yeah “Rooster” sauce…

Soldier Whose Dog Was Given Away By A Friend During Deployment Turns To Craigslist For Help – with friends like these…

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