Drawing Inspiration from Party Poker’s Road to Old Trafford Success

How social media contributed to the tournament’s online buzz

For those who want to market their sports or gaming events, social networking sites are the best online platforms to consider. You can target almost 1.73 billion active users, based on eMarketer’s latest statistics. In fact, during the recently held live poker tournament at the Old Trafford, Twitter has played a major role in making the event trending worldwide. For this entry, we’ll discuss how Party Poker has successfully managed to make the Old Trafford tournament trending overnight.

Ability to Make Things #Trending
The Old Trafford poker tournament became one of the trending topics on Twitter, sometime during the course of its three month season (from 27th May to 4th of August). Aside from disseminating the information faster, people can react using the social platform and share the information or retweet it with the hash tag (#). It’s best to only use keywords commonly used by your market, which in this case will be #Poker or #PokerTournament. Once a certain hash tag has been used a thousand times, it will appear on the regional or worldwide trending list.

The “Fan base” Effect
PartyPoker, who sponsored the said tournament, teased the occasion using their Twitter site with roughly 11,565 followers to date. They promoted the Old Trafford Stadium (the world’s most prestigious soccer field), as the venue of this year’s biggest poker event. They also mentioned that it’ll be featuring Manchester United‘s star players as celebrity participants.

Given the scenario, the sponsor didn’t only reach the poker enthusiasts, but the football fanatics as well. Norman Whisteside, Bryan Robson and Dwight Yorke have their own swarm of fans with active social pages. They will keep on mentioning these people on their timeline and even update their social statuses during the event. Thus, it’s best to have a strong fan base online for a faster dissemination of information.

140-Character Free and Effective Marketing
According to Sales Force Marketing, social publishing is the most effective online platform for advertising. It’s free to create an account and to target the audience. Although a Twitter post has a limit of 140-character, advertisers can add a link to a website, flash images and generate short video previews.
The following are some of the effective strategies of PartyPoker that fits easily on a single tweet. It’s even shorter than 140 words:

  • “Grab the chance to play poker at the Old Trafford venue with a minimum buy-in of $400. The package includes $35 charity donation, hotel accommodation for three nights and $350 worth of spending money.”
  • “Get the chance to rub shoulders with Man Utd. Legends Norman Whisteside, Bryan Robson and Dwight Yorke at the Road to Old Trafford live poker tournament.”

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