Rebranding ‘Skins, Typos and Evil People

Another hectic week capped off by a lovely Friday. Looking forward to this weekend, how about you? For this week’s Five for Friday I pulled together a lot of articles from a wide array of topics, hope you enjoy it. Have a great weekend and catch you next week.

Redskins Need to Rebrand – This is a really interesting read from my friend Geoff Livingston. Aside from being a great argument for this hot-button issue, there are some great comment discussion threads. This issue isn’t going to go away on its own and the blatant “we won’t change” mantra from Daniel Snyder has politicians and fans up in arms on both sides of the fence.

Chargers ‘weclome’ fans to game with a hilarious typo – Spelling and proofreading matter…

Americans use the Internet to abandon children adopted from overseas – Seriously worthwhile, but messed up read of the week.

Livefyre Acquires Storify. The Story is Just Beginning. – very cool news from one of the cooler companies that I know folks at.

Westboro Mingle, A Parody Dating Site for the Westboro Baptist Church – this is awesome… sit back and enjoy.

3 Responses to Rebranding ‘Skins, Typos and Evil People
  1. geoffliving
    September 13, 2013 | 8:56 am

    Thanks, Jeff. It’s an interesting issue. Lot of angry white guys seem to not like the idea of changing the name.  Some Native Americans are inddifferent. Most others really cannot say the name is clear of racial tarnishing.  
    For those that feel like it is an off name, we created a petition that has garnered more than 1600 signatures:

  2. jeffespo
    September 16, 2013 | 1:48 pm

    geoffliving it is really something that is interesting as the whole kid digging in his heels and being too stupid to realize. If the push to revoke the TM goes through, I can see Dannyboy quickly changing the name.