Five for Friday 9.3

ITAR-TASS: MOSCOW, RUSSIA. SEPTEMBER 2, 2010. A turtle in a scene from the Oceans, a 2010 French nature documentary film by Jacques Perrin. It s a breathtaking film about the world's oceans. (Photo ITAR-TASS/ Filmpoisk site) Photo via Newscom

So this was an eventful week leading into a holiday weekend. First I got hit by a car, then there was a boat ton of work and the last two have been a blur with little time to catch my breath. How about you? Any big weekend plans? If so be safe. Here’s this week’s edition of Five for Friday.

Are you creating social media scorched earth? – this post truly inspired me as many companies see a new shiny toy with a low entry point in terms of cost as a quick win. This risk vs. reward for companies often overlooks the long-term bond with customers in favor of a quick win. This can burn bridges and result in the scorched earth. Will you help your company avoid this?

The Spirituality of Social Media – Now while spirituality usually elicits thoughts of religious establishments, this post does not do that, but rather looks at the people connection aspect of social media. Connecting with people is the driving factor of social media spirituality.

Social Media Etiquette for the typically sarcastic, snarky or rude – Are you any of the three mentioned in the title? If not, it’s OK to lie to yourself, but you should check it out in case your “friend” is one of those people.

Washington Post suspends columnist for Twitter hoax –  I want to feel sorry for Mike Wise here. He is a good guy who was trying to make a point – we’ve all been there. Problem is that when you are a top NFL reporter, you can’t throw things out like that haphazardly. Hopefully everyone learns a lesson from his suspension.

Nevada regulators probing MGM resort – Back in the day I used to sneak into the horse track in New Jersey and bet on the ponies before I was of age. It was a thrill and we were always scared to get caught – my how times have changed. Nevada gaming regulators are now investigating MGM Resorts after a tweet from Michael Jordan’s 19-year old son tweeted that he spent $35K at the casino. Now he may say that he wasn’t thinking and all kids make mistakes, but seriously man, come on. It is no secret that Twitter is open to the public. We get it, you are Michael Jordan’s kid and you can blow cash as quick as his buddy Charles Barkley, no need to brag.

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