Five for Friday

What’s happening everyone? I am hoping that you are in a better place than I am right now. Yesterday morning I went under the knife to get my shoulder repaired and am now pretty heavily medicated and will be for the next week or so. Instead of taking advice from folks that said look at the genius of Charlie Sheen, I am taking a small break from the keyboard to recover and handing over the keys to some good friends who will offer you some awesome content that you should check out and be sure to follow them and read their blogs as well. Here’s this week’s edition of Five for Friday, have a great weekend!

Four new Twitter poems – OK this post just gets me giddy and nerded out. No matter how hard I try, I am still an English major at heart and smile when I see things like this.

Facebook Tests Ads Targeted At Status Updates – I am geeked about this for two reasons. The first is that it makes Facebook into a real competitor to Google within its own network so it’s interesting to see. On the other hand, this should make privacy aficionados get their panties in a knot; because their updates are being used I marketing…kind of like the Gmail complaints.

9 Keys To Communicating Diplomatically – The one thing that I suck at is diplomacy. I am working on it, but have a certain personality that kind of fights back against my efforts. So I am always looking for ways to improve that aspect of my game. If you are like me, or want a refresher on building up your diplomacy skills, peep out this post.

Is a dirty mind a sharper mind? – There are two reasons why this article made the cut 1) I have a mind in the gutter and 2) this is for all those people who said that said mind was good for nothing. Enjoy the read and yes it is safe for work consumption.

Social Media Has Made You Lazy – I love this post from C.C. Chapman, and unfortunately it shows the shitty side of the PR industry. Tools are great, but in a way they have made us extremely lazy. Case in point, these two email pitches that he references. Definitely check this out if you are in PR or hate PR.

Bonus SXSW Edition – Best Keynote EVER

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