Hasbro tricks blogger, Twitter is huge and Bountygate 2.0

So how did your team do in the draft last night? This has been one busy week all around, but I feel like a lot was accomplished. How was your week? Any big weekend shindigs planned? Hope you enjoy the nice weather and catch you next week.

Why Twitter is bigger than you think – This is some really interesting research from Tom Webster. According to the data his company collected ~89% of Americans are familiar with Twitter. While less use the service, it shows that its impact could be quite huge. If you are attending BlogWorld in New York, don’t miss his keynote that will include a deeper dive on this data.

Why half of all PR students will be working at Burger King in 3 years – Arik Hanson offers some good insight into what it takes to break into the public relations industry and stay there. He also notes that Burger King might be getting some folks who need to learn to flip instead of spin in the next 36 months.

AshleyMadison.com Puts $1 Million Bounty On Tim Tebow’s Virginity – I love audacious marketing and public relations ploys. The website that brought married folk hookups (not with their spouses mind you) has now put a bounty on the V-card of Tim Tebow.

Hasbro tricks fan-blogger into revealing his address so they can send him legal threats over widely available leaked product – there are shenanigans and then there are low-down rotten tricks. This is an awful PR move from Hasbro in luring a blogger with products for review only to serve him legal papers and harass his neighbors for reviewing a product that was leaked to him. The kicker, the toy is widely available.

Seven truths about online influence – the word influence is dropped a lot in the social media space. Many folks confuse the meaning. If you are on the fence or need a refresher course, check out this post from Maddie Grant.

Bonus Bonehead Move of the Week

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