Getting out of the echo chamber, dog fights and social profiling

Backpacking TarePanda and the "Echo Chamber"Man this has been a stressful week. This stress has been more hme related than work related as Megatron AKA Baby Espo is having surgery bright and early today. While I know that the procedure of putting tubes in a baby’s ears is routine as my friend Elissa reminds me, I am still a dad and am nervous.  I also got bad news on the NFL front as the Ravens more than likely lost reigning defensive player of the year Terrell Suggs to a torn Achilles. Hopefully your week was better. Any big weekend plans? Hope it is a good one and look forward to catching up on Monday. So without further adieu here is this week’s edition of Five for Friday.

Heineken explains its response to dog-fighting PR crisis – this is an interesting read on how a mega-global brand dealt with a PR nightmare across multiple platforms.

Report: Cover Images Draw Eyeballs On Facebook Timeline Pages – a lot of conflicting studies on Facebook’s Timeline and what it does for conversations and conversion rates. This study takes a different approach and does a heat map of how the eye views the pages.

The Problem With Social Profiling – Jason Falls is a man of his convictions. One of which has been talking about social scoring and how it is being used by brands. In this article, he takes a look at how sites like Klout are being misused and how it may turn ugly in the future.

Market Research with Social Media: “Beyond the Echo Chamber” – Doug Haslam gives a good review of a recent social media breakfast. The main topic is getting outside of the small world of social media.

What Comes First, Multichannel Integration or Social Business? – Right now, there is no buzz word dominating the social media space than social business. While I believe in the concept, I truthfully don’t think companies are ready to get there yet as many are not combining marketing disciplines. This post touches on that argument.

Image – Archangeli

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