Freaky Feeezies, Touching Cold and the Princess Bride

It’s been a while, but we’re back! For those of you keeping score at home, my hiatus from blogging was planned. In September Mrs. Espo and I welcomed #2 to the family and I was on a strategically planned month sabbatical from work to spend time with the new family. This meant dropping the keyboard and picking up the kids and having fun. Things will be a bit slower here moving forward, but I will still strive you give you some unique insights. Hope you had a great week and hopefully I’ll catch you soon in person or on the Internets. Until then, please enjoy this week’s edition of Five for Friday.

Coca-Cola Designed Its New Can Around A Problem No One Has – Is it me or is the whole cold activated fad past its prime? To me, it went out with Freaky Freezies in the 80’s and I really don’t see the point in having something that you can figure out with your hands.

Facebook post of photo showing hand on breast gets school coach fired – this is another example of overreacting and not having a social media policy in place. Sad that teachers can get screwed for some malicious parents…look at the picture and tell me if it would offend you if she taught your kids… draconian at best.

Awesome 80s Bedrooms part 4: The Princess Bride Edition – children of the 80’s rejoice and check out the Easter eggs in Fred Savage’s room.

This is Why People Hate “Social Media Authors” – smart post here from my buddy Doug Haslam on how authors of “social media” books often forget the rules of the platforms they are pimping expertise on.

Perceived ROI of Twitter advertising increasing – an interesting read here from Tom Webster looking at a recent study that shows the perceived ROI effectiveness of Twitter ads to small business owners. But is perception reality or should we ignore the man behind the curtain?

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