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Roast of Facebook

This is a hilarious video (click here if you can’t view the video) from the guys over at College Humor.

Disney passes 100 Million Facebook Fans

This is a pretty cool thank you that I am sure was months in the making. Very cool video from Disney.

Where did Saturday morning cartoons go?

As I was sitting and starting on some blog posts and waiting for my wife’s flight land in Boston and was thumbing through the TV listings. Instead of the Saturday morning cartoons that I grew up with there was just crap that made me feel dumb watching that. I started to think about the great…

Do you still care?

I have seen this mural, from Adult Swim,  on the side of a deli for close to a month now in Boston, but finally got a chance to stop and grab a picture in daylight today. The mural is interesting in a number of ways. The first asking the obvious that in today’s uber-PC world,…

Cartoon of the day

Ahh the beauties of the Internet. One would never guess that some of the tools we use daily were made by the same guys that we make fun of living in basements across the country.

Happy Halloween

Everyone have a safe day trick or treating and celebrating this fun day.

Cartoon of the day

Funny thing is that I am not sure we’ll ever truly get “it”