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Facebook’s Facedeals McCreepy or Super Cool?

Last week, I read this blog post from Digital Trends about Facebook’s testing of Facedeals, a service that checks you into a location using facial recognition and gives you coupons based on interest. Here are some of my thoughts on the concept/test:

Untapping the social side of beer

This is a guest post from Nick Gosselin. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “There can‘t be good living where there is not good drinking.” So true Mr. Franklin, so true. For those who know me, I’m an avid craft beer enthusiast interested all facets of the industry. I enjoy keeping tabs on what my favorite brewery’s have coming down the pipeline, as…

Android Apps I can’t live without

A short time ago, I was in the heart of Austin with countless others navigating all that was South by Southwest.  During which, I realized that my Android was much cooler than I previously thought. Now I am usually minimalist when it comes to these things, but below are four that I’d be lost without….

What if there was a sex version of foursquare?

This is a great video from the folks at, while its not real, it can be applied to the mindless quest that many of us have towards collecting badges on foursquare.