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Happy Groundhog Day, Grab your Foursquare Badge

I am not going to lie, but Groundhog Day makes me smile and giggle like a schoolboy. Seriously who has the time to go out and watch a guy grab a pampered groundhog that “predicts” the end of or extended winter. That and it always reminds me of Bill Murray who also makes me laugh….

Will Santa Check In to Your House Tonight?

Hey everyone, just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas from my family to yours (if you don’t celebrate the holiday, Happy Festivus, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa or Happy Holidays).  So with that said, here are two pretty cool videos that I came across for tonight that mixed Christmas with geekiness. Enjoy 🙂 If you have kids,…

Android Apps I can’t live without

A short time ago, I was in the heart of Austin with countless others navigating all that was South by Southwest.  During which, I realized that my Android was much cooler than I previously thought. Now I am usually minimalist when it comes to these things, but below are four that I’d be lost without….