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Five tips for SXSW Virgins

In a little over a week thousands of techies, hipsters and marketing folks will arrive in Austin, Texas for the interactive marketing portion of the 26th Annual South by Southwest Conference for five days of sessions, keynotes, events, networking opportunities and parties. Over those five days there will be a plethora of trends, Tweets and…

A New York Streetview State of Mind

Address Is Approximate from The Theory on Vimeo. This post contains video, please click here if you are having trouble viewing. Perception is reality no matter how odd it may be. Thanks to Daniel Agee for sharing this video with me a whiles back.

Mo Season is Over… Thank You

This post contains video, please click here if you cannot view. Thank you to everyone who contributed to my 2011 Movember campaign. I cannot thank you enough, neither can my ‘Stache.

Support my 2011 Movember campaign

It is that time of year again, you know, the one where grown men grow the elusive mustachio in an effort to raise awareness and fight mens’ cancers. What is this awesomeness you ask? One word, Movember. For the second year in a row, I will be donating my follicaly challenged upper lip to help…

Take a moment and think

The Jonses will always be the Jonses. The Grass will always be greener. So why fight it? Why not take a minute soak it all in and appreciate what you have? Chances are it will be more fulfilling than spending your time pining over what MAY be out there.

Is Boston the worst city in America?

This is a guest post from Anne Weiskopf. Within a two week span this summer, Boston was honored by GQ Magazine as being first in “The 40 Worst-Dressed Cities in America” and by two Michigan psychiatrists as “The Least Friendly City” in the country. So, what’s up Boston? And, is it causal? Let me start…

Personal [INFOGRAPHICS] prove the medium has jumped the shark

I know that everyone loves to produce infographics, but when it becomes something that you can create for yourself and does nothing but fan the flames of the ME generation, it is safe to say that they have indeed jumped the shark. Looking at these two below, I would be hard pressed to find anyone…