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Real-Time Twitter use by Wheat Thins

I saw this video kicking around Twitterville and needed to share. Whether it is real or not, it is a very cool concept by the crew over at Wheat Thins, one of the Esposito household’s favorite crackers.

Puma thinking outside the box

Puma has been doing some pretty cool things lately. And while this one is not Savage Garden cool, it is a very revolutionary idea in not only packaging but also in corporate sustainability. By removing the boxes, Puma may save some coin, however when adding the bag concept, the company reduces their waste and also…

Dramatic contacts

Now when I saw this commercial yesterday online, it didn’t really come across as all that appealing. However when vegging out in front of the tube, I could see the real beauty behind the commercial. Like most e-retailers 1-800 Contacts relies on the Web to sell their products.  There are many products that can get…

Killer Peeps – The Movie

I love this video from Jimmy Kimmel and Tom Arnold. Beware of the killer Peeps, who would have thought they could kill you in more ways than one?